3rd annual veterans dinner

Hello fellow Veterans,

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Veterans Dinner Invite Page.

Read below to reserve yourself and spouse/battle buddy a seat at this esteemed event, free for Canadian Veterans, hosted by The Wellness Soldier.

(Battle Buddy = The person you feel most comfortable being with outside of the house.)

  • Who: The Wellness Soldier
  • What: FREE 3 course dinner — As well as raffles, speakers, thank you bags
  • Where: Artisan Bistro – 777 Royal Oak Dr, Victoria, BC
  • When: Tuesday October 30th at 630pm (Start at 7pm)


If you are a Canadian Veteran and wish to attend our complimentary (for you and your spouse or battle buddy) Veterans Dinner, simply email thewellnesssoldier@gmail.com and reach out.

We created this dinner as a way to introduce The Wellness Soldier (find us at thewellnesssoldier.com) and show how we have been helping Canadian Veterans with healthy recipes, fitness, meditation and medical cannabis.

We invite speakers from companies that help empower Veterans and provide for their well being. As well, our sponsors products and/or services assist Veterans to improve their lives

But most of all this dinner is a chance to both give back to and spend time with fellow Veterans. So, please come join us for a fantastic dinner out with your spouse or battle buddy. You just might find yourself forgetting the shitty things for a night and relax/have fun for a time.


This year our sponsors are;


With more sponsors being added weekly.

  • Bruno Guevremont –  Veteran, Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker

“Thousands of people around the world are struggling with the same things I did. I am on a mission to change that one vet at a time. Thousands of people around the world are struggling with the same things I did. I am on a mission to change that one vet at a time. If you’re ready to take that first step, visit www.brunoguevremont.com”

  • Philippe Lucas – VP of Patient Research and Access, Tilray

Philippe is responsible for the development and implementation of multiple clinical and observation studies. His oversight of Tilray’s Customer Service Centre helps add a patient-centered lens to Tilray policies, practices, and internal and external messaging.  Philippe is very community involved, and served as a Victoria City Councillor and Regional Director from 2008-2011 and spearheaded the launch of the Victoria Public Market in 2013.

  • Matthew Landry – Co-Founder of Spartan Wellness, Master Grower at Canveda, 20 year Canadian Veteran.

Matthew Landry lost his 20+ year military career because of using cannabis to help his symptoms from the multiple tours he did while in the forces.  Matthew is now helping Canadian Veterans through co-founding Spartan Wellness with medical cannabis prescriptions and education.  Matthew is also the Master Grower at Canveda, which is a health Canada licensed producer of medical cannabis.



As this is our 3rd Veterans dinner; please look at how the other two went.

Please feel free to send this email along to other Veterans you know.






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3rd Annual Veterans Dinner Invite Page