Welcome to the 3rd Annual Veterans Dinner Sponsorship page.

Here you will find the amazing ways your company can become involved in this prestigious event hosted by The Wellness Soldier.

The Wellness Soldier’s 3rd Annual Veterans Dinner will be held on Tuesday October 30th, 2018 at Artisan Bistro, Victoria BC.  There is a limited 50 seats available for Canadian Veterans.


At this point you may be asking yourself “What is The Wellness Soldier 3rd Annual Veterans Dinner?”

The Wellness Soldier created the Veterans dinner to help Canadian Veterans have a FREE night out of fun with other Veterans and forget about the struggles we face, even if it’s only for one night.  We will have speakers, raffles, give away bags, and a 3 course meal.

Speakers will be from the Veteran community, the cannabis community, and health and wellness community.  At the end of the night “give-away” bags will be handed out to all attendees with swag & information from all sponsors.

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How sponsorship works –

The way the dinner works for sponsorship is your company pays for the ticket for each Canadian Veteran to attend the dinner…..SIMPLE ($250.00 ea)  ONLY 50 seats available.

40/50 Tickets Sold

In return;

You will get your name/logo added to all aspects of the night including menu, sponsors board, seating placements, and thank you speeches by Chef Cody Lindsay.

Company will be featured on the invite page for inviting Canadian Veterans to the dinner.  We will be inviting Veterans from the area of South Vancouver Island through a dedicated page on all of our social media platforms as well as other media outlets locally and nationally.

We create seating cards with your company logo and your company social media information placed at each seat showing which company sponsored each seat.  Guests are asked to give a social media “shout-out” to the sponsors that made their seat available to them.

When tickets are purchased by the company, TWS will post “Thank you to *Your Company* for supporting Canadian Veterans and the TWS Veterans Dinner” on all TWS social media platforms for EACH ticket purchased.  (Post/wording subject to change slightly)

Our videographer will be filming the whole night and there will be an opportunity to have your company featured in the highlight video which we will be sharing with different media outlets as well as our own social media.

After the dinner is finished TWS will be creating a blog post showcasing the sponsors and the fun that was had by Veterans.

We will have a clinic sponsor on hand to help patients learn how to obtain a VAC approved cannabis prescription.


Ways your company can be involved…
  • Sponsorship:  $250.00 per ticket. (You purchase a ticket for a Veteran to attend)

(Donating to the raffle or give away bag must be accompanied with at least one ticket purchase)

  • Raffle: Company donates a prize to be raffled.
  • Give Away Bag: Company sends 50 pieces of information/swag to be added to the bag.
  • Video: Purchase 4 or more tickets for logo to be featured in the Veterans Dinner highlight video.


If interested in sponsoring please contact email below and we can forward your company an invoice or PayPal link;



Thank You to these sponsors who have already sponsored Canadian Veterans to attend our 3rd Annual Veterans Dinner!!




Thank you for showing interest in The Wellness Soldier’s 3rd Annual Veterans Dinner!!

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3rd Annual Veterans Dinner Sponsorship