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Veterans Dinner 2017The Wellness Soldier’s Veterans Dinner 2017

Thank you for showing interest in The Wellness Soldier’s “Veterans Dinner 2017” for Canadian Veterans!!  The event is being held at the Artisan Bistro in Victoria BC.

Monday October 30, 2017 – 7:00pm

During the night there will be a 3 course meal, speakers, education, and re-connection of Veterans.  There will also be raffle prizes, and give away bags filled with sponsor information to take home at the end of the night.


Check out our last Veterans Dinner, it was a huge success!!


Veterans Dinner 2017

How It Works;

Companies buy a ticket to the Veterans Dinner 2017 for a Veteran. The Veteran then attends the meal on behalf of the company.  When a Veteran sits down at his/her seat there will be a place marker with the name of that Veteran and the name of the company that bought his/her ticket for them.

If you have a certain Veteran in mind then you can choose who you’d like to attend the event or we can select a Veteran on you behalf.

Cost of Ticket: $150.00 each

As well, we would ask that you send out advertising material, such as pamphlets, pins, pens, or other swag to promote your company.  We will be adding these materials to our give away bags for the end of the night.  We would need 50 pieces of each item sent.


Why Are We Doing This?

As a Canadian Veteran myself, I have set out to help other Canadian Veterans through thewellnesssoldier.com .  The Veterans Dinner 2017 was created to help further a Veterans quality of life by getting them out for a night of fun and around other Veterans that could be going through the same struggles they are.

As well to educate them in the area’s of Healthy Eating/Drinking, Medical Cannabis, Fitness, & Meditation, as we do on thewellnesssoldier.com

Check out our last Veterans Dinner, it was a huge success!!

What Do You Get For Sponsoring?
  • Social media posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, thanking you for your support of Canadian Veterans and our Veterans Dinner 2017 – (1 post on all platforms listed, per ticket purchased.)
  • Logo placement on banner which will be displayed all night during the event.  Larger more prominent logo will be displayed if 5 or more tickets are purchased.
  • Logo displayed on our “Veterans Dinner 2017” page, which we will be using to advertise the Veterans Dinner 2017 to Veterans.
  • Companies that buy 5 or more tickets, will be thanked in the “Thank You” speeches throughout the night.
  • Advertising in our “Give Away” bags.  If you choose to provide materials.
  • If you offer a raffle prize, you will get extra advertising as we will be promoting the raffle and accompanying prizes leading up to the dinner.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you improved a Veterans quality of life.

35 / 50 Sold

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Veterans Dinner 2017 – A Night of Education and Re-connection.