10 Best Dancing Water Fountain Speakers

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10 Best Dancing Water Fountain Speakers

Do you love listening to music while you relax in your backyard? Well, now you can enjoy the sounds of your favorite songs even more with dancing water fountain speakers. These unique speakers not only play music, but also create an incredible show of water dancing to the beat of the music. Whether you are looking for a new addition to your home entertainment system or want something special to enjoy while you relax outdoors, these speakers are sure to impress. Check out today’s blog post to learn more about what makes these speakers so amazing.

Top Brands of Dancing Water Fountain Speakers

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What are the Dancing Water Fountain Speakers?

The Dancing Water Fountain Speakers are a combination of technology, science, art and magic. It is powered by Volumio – an open source embedded linux distribution for the audiophile music player market. The speakers contain coils (like in any conventional speaker). 

The difference here is that these coils are not attached to any kind of membrane like in normal speakers. Instead they are submerged into water! Through ultrasound acoustics, the flows of water create high density bubbles which then collapse to produce ‘acoustic shockwaves’. This process converts electrical energy (from the power supply unit) into kinetic/mechanical energy producing vibrations which can be heard as sound waves. These sound waves constantly interact with each other creating multiple frequencies where lower ones are rarely heard. The frequency range which can be generated goes from 20Hz all the way to 20000Hz, thus covering almost the full human audible spectrum.

The Dancing Water Fountain Speakers are also referred to as ‘hydro-pneumatic transducer’ or ‘hydrostatic speakers’. These speakers have been built in our Reijenga Automatisering company for many years now. We don’t know of any other companies that currently produce these types of speakers – most probably due to their high production cost and complicated constructions.

Why should I buy Dancing Water Fountain Speakers?

  • It’s ultra high quality sound

The sound quality of these speakers is absolutely stunning! It sounds so wonderful, you will not believe it until you actually hear them. They are able to produce deep basses as well as crystal clear top-class treble with full clarity. This is all done without any heavy woofers or tweeters which many conventional speakers need. The ‘sound’ is produced directly on the water surface which ensures an even coverage over the entire front area of the speaker units. You can either have a couple of units play master & slave or one master unit playing synchro-stereo left/right for maximum enjoyment!

  • No more electric power cables/external amplifiers/…
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Most conventional speakers use at least two power cables to operate – one for the woofers and tweeters, another one for an external amplifier. The Dancing Water Fountain Speakers are able to produce sound on their own – no need for any additional amplifier! What you see is what you get.

  • You can install them anywhere/minimal design

With their ultra slim design you can place them absolutely anywhere in your house or outside of it without taking too much space. Living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, terraces & gardens are just a few examples of where you could have these speakers installed. For example if placed in your bathroom they will most probably cover the entire room with beautiful water bubbles which will give the impression that there’s actually real rain inside!

  • Water is pretty much maintenance free

Placing water in small speakers may sound a bit odd, but it has many benefits! First of all there’s absolutely no noise from the fans which most conventional computer speakers use to keep cool. Another advantage is that you can place them outside without any extra protection as they are fully weatherproof (IP65). The only thing you should do periodically is changing the water every now and then – approximately 1 or 2 times per year depending on how much you use them.

  • You will be unique

It’s true that these types of speakers hardly exist on this planet anymore so if you already want something different for your house/club/restaurant than the Dancing Water Fountain Speakers are certainly a good option.

  • They are very versatile

You will be able to use them for almost everything: playing music , listening to the radio, watching movies and playing games. They can produce great sound and depending on how you connect them they also have full Bluetooth capabilities so you won’t even need any cables to play music or watch a movie! There’s many ways in which you can enjoy these speakers but we’ll skip that part for now as this article is getting too long.

  • The price isn’t bad for such high quality
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How does it work?

The water is pumped up to the top of the speaker units by an internal pump. This creates a pressure which causes some air bubbles to escape on top of the water. These air bubbles ‘structure’ (create little waves) the surface tension of the water where it escapes – this is exactly what we want; structures on water often indicate happiness and luck! By playing music through these structures they are excited at certain frequencies which results in sound being produced by the surface tension itself!

Since there’s no heavy woofers or tweeters involved, energy consumption is very low thus making them extremely practical & eco-friendly . The only thing that needs power is an external 12V DC power supply. There’s some minimal heating, but that’s only needed to ‘kick off’ the process and make sure that no water freezes in winter time!

Should you get one for your house, office, or restaurant?

The Dancing Water Fountain Speakers are perfect for all of the above! They will certainly make a positive impression on your guests and can also be an eye catcher for any special occasion. The music options are endless – you could have them play anything from pop & rock to techno, trance, electronic, classical or jazz!

If you’re looking for something different than there’s no other speakers like this one (and probably ever will) so try them out today!


Dancing Water Fountain Speakers are an amazing way to add sound and ambiance to your space. With a variety of sizes, shapes, styles and colors available for purchase on the website you can create the perfect set-up for any room in your home or office. All that is left now is deciding which style will be best suited for you! 


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