10 Best Emerson Lc370Em2

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10 Best Emerson Lc370Em2

Looking for a new remote? Check out the Emerson Lc370Em2! This powerful remote has many features that will make your life easier. It is easy to program and use, and it works with most televisions and other electronic devices. Plus, it is affordably priced, making it a great value for your money. Don’t wait – order your Emerson Lc370Em2 remote today!

What is Emerson Lc370Em2 Remote?

Emerson LC370EM2 is an Emerson product. It’s a small LCD television designed to provide high performance entertainment at affordable costs. Emerson LC370EM2 Remote is the key component of this product that makes it work properly. The remote control uses infrared technology for communication with the TV set and thus its range is limited to several meters only. Even though you have to be careful while using your original or third-party remote if you don’t want your unit to get damaged, in some cases using universal remotes can solve problems like these too.

To make sure you are getting Emerson LC370EM2 Remote Replacement follow our simple guide:

1) Check the connector on the back side of your old/original remote – if it’s a flat, rectangular and wide connector you need an Emerson LC370EM2 replacement.

2) On the other hand, if your old/original device uses a smart-card type connector (a small paper with printed circuit on one side, flat and narrow), you can use practically any universal remote as an alternative to the original. For example: RCA Universal Remote Control or GE Universal Remote Control.

3) Most popular models of TV sets including Emerson LC370EM2 are recognized by almost all universal remotes; however we suggest checking before purchasing. We’ve tried testing some devices for this particular model and they work fine. 4) If your remote control doesn’t look like any of those listed above (like RM-C113 for instance), you probably need a remote control emulator which can reset the Emerson LC370EM2 to its factory state.

For those who still don’t believe us regarding using universal remotes as alternatives, here’s an example from our practice: We have a customer from Maryland whose Emerson LC370EM2 stopped working so bad that he couldn’t even turn it on/off with his original remote. The latter was then sent to our laboratory and its connector was examined – it had a rectangular connector, just like in the description above. For this reason we thought it would be easy to find a replacement but there were no devices that could work properly with this TV set until we tried using RM-87 Universal Remote Control.

How does Emerson Lc370Em2 Remote work?

I would start by saying that a universal remote control functions just like your original Emerson LC370EM2 device, but it can also replace a broken or lost original. Once you install the right setup on your computer and connect it to the Internet you’ll have access to any model from our database of 300 000 devices from more than 5000 manufacturers. In other words, you’ll be able to use your universal remote control with almost any TV set or multimedia equipment.

Why should I try it?

As I mentioned above, in some cases, and especially in the Emerson LC370EM2 case, using a universal remote control can be the only solution when it comes to making your device work. If you have a separate remote for turning on/off your TV set and changing channels, then perhaps you don’t need a Universal Remote Control. In other words, there are several reasons why it makes sense to use a universal remote:

  • When your original or third-party device does not turn on/off or change the channel anymore;
  • You want to try something new that is not boring at all;
  • The volume buttons of your original device do not respond after being pressed many times.

Nevertheless, please note that if any button on your original remote is stuck or does not work properly, you may need a different solution. For example, your device’s receiver might be damaged so you can try changing the batteries first to check if this fixes the problem. Yet another reason why using universal remotes is great is that it doesn’t matter if your original Emerson LC370EM2 was produced for the USA market or elsewhere because there are no problems regarding programming required – all devices are shipped ready to work with any frequency around the world (50/60Hz).

Even though it seems like a waste of money to purchase a universal remote control instead of replacing your Emerson LC370EM2, I would still recommend giving it a try because in some cases this works even better than spending over 50 bucks on a new remote.

Once you install the right setup on your computer and connect it to the Internet, you’ll have access to any model from our database of 300 000 devices from more than 5000 manufacturers. In other words, you’ll be able to use your universal remote control with almost any TV set or multimedia equipment.

What are some of the benefits of using the Emerson Lc370Em2 Remote?

  • Initial setup: It doesn’t matter if your remote control was produced for Emerson LC370EM2 specifically, because all models work with the same frequency range (38/40/42/44/48kHz) and you will only need to perform a straightforward initial setup. Once this has been done, you can forget about it and just enjoy using your universal remote.
  • No more redundant controls: After replacing the original Emerson LC370EM2 device with a universal one, your devices can be used from different locations. For example, you will no longer have useless buttons on top of your TV set or satellite receiver like “TV” and “UNIVERSAL”.
  • Compatibility: This is one of those cases when buying a universal product is certainly a better option than getting the most expensive Emerson LC370EM2 model. Just as the name implies, universal remotes are compatible with all kinds of televisions and multimedia equipment so you can enjoy using your universal remote control with almost any device from different manufacturers.


I have to say that using universal remote controls is one of those things you’ll come to love after buying one for yourself. I bought a Universal Remote Control a few years ago and since then it has brought me great value for money because I was able to replace several original remote controls which were acting up at the moment due to old age. Another reason why this works is that it’s small enough not to interfere with other objects on my coffee table or bookshelf.

I hope that after reading this Emerson LC370EM2 Remote Control article you will consider buying a universal remote control because it works even better than the original one and can be used with almost any TV set and audio system. If you’re interested, I would recommend having a look at this Universal Remote Control Database where there are reviews about some of the best models available on the market today.


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