10 Best Wake Up Light Review

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10 Best Wake Up Light Review

Do you hate waking up in the dark? Do you feel like you’re missing out on the day when you don’t get to see the sun come up? If that’s the case, then a wake-up light might be a good investment for you. Unlike an alarm clock that just blasts sound into your ears, a wake-up light starts off with a soft light and gradually gets brighter, simulating a natural sunrise. This can help make waking up easier and less jarring, which is especially important if you tend to oversleep. So if you’re looking for an easy way to start your day off on the right foot, consider investing in a wake-up light!

Top Brands of  Wake Up Light:

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What is Wake Up Light?

The Philips HF3429/60 Wake-Up Light is a device that simulates natural sunlight and provides an alternative to the loud, annoying alarm sound we’ve all grown accustomed to. The sunrise simulation wakes you up gently without disturbing your partner by emitting light (as opposed to sound). This helps ease you out of sleep and prepare you for the day ahead. It can be used in conjunction with your current audio alarm clock or bedside radio.

What are some other benefits?

In addition to being a gentle way to wake up, the Wake Up Light offers other advantages:

  • Daylight cues help regulate our body’s internal clock
  • Waking up naturally reduces fatigue and ensures a more restful sleep cycle by starting your day on the right note
  • Promotes energy levels through the day
  • Helps with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or other forms of depression

Research has shown that exposure to light in the early morning hours prompts an increase in body temperature, heartbeat, and brain activity. These are just some of the changes that occur when you wake up naturally, as opposed to being jarred awake by a loud sound. You become more alert and feel better prepared to tackle your day after having experienced these positive changes first thing in the morning.

Is it safe? What about side effects?

The Philips Wake-Up Light is designed with safety in mind. The soothing sounds emitted gradually increase volume so as not to startle you if you are still in a light sleep. The gentle, simulated sunrise keeps your bedroom naturally lit to avoid having the bright light of day come as too much of a shock. The Wake Up Light’s alarm is gentle enough that it won’t disturb others in the room, so you can wake up peacefully without worrying about waking up your partner or roommates.

How does it work?

The Wake-Up Light works by simulating daylight and gradually increasing intensity over a 30 minute period until you have sufficient light in the room for you to wake up comfortably. You select the time at which you want to be awoken, and the Philips HF3429/60 will start emitting light between 20 minutes prior to your set time and 60 minutes thereafter (both 30 minute increments are user-configurable). To begin the sunrise simulation, you simply press the snooze button once.

The Wake-Up Light is designed with a built-in light sensor that automatically adjusts the switch-on time according to your local sunrise time. The HF3429/60 knows when it is day or night based on its surroundings and automatically calculates the ideal moment for you to wake up in accordance with your local area’s sunrise time. This ensures a more natural wake up experience during both fall and spring seasons, as well as all times of the year.

What is a “sunrise” anyway?

Most people refer to a simulated sunlight device as a “sunrise” but this isn’t entirely accurate since there never really was a sun to rise. The light emitted by these units is actually a combination of red and orange hues that, when displayed on the bedroom ceiling, simulates mid-morning daylight. During early spring or late winter, this may not be enough to wake you up as you would during early summer or fall months. This makes the 30 minute increment user-adjustable as opposed to a fixed 20 minute wake-up time as found with other units. The Philips Wake-Up Light has 9 levels of intensity so it can gradually increase its power over time to provide sufficient light for any season at any hour of the day.

How does the brightness work? Can I turn down/off my lights?

The Philips HF3429/60 has 9 levels of light intensity so you have the flexibility to turn it down or off completely if you prefer. For your convenience, there is also a snooze button that allows you to achieve 20 extra minutes of sleep. You can use this button once for each additional snooze time interval.

What do I need to set up my Philips Wake-Up Light?

Aside from a bedroom ceiling, all you need are power outlets and about 30 minutes! Aside from simply turning on the power switch at the back of the unit, there are no other steps required to set up your Philips Wake-Up Light. There are no alarm settings or buttons needed anymore since these were incorporated into one single control – the snooze/dimmer/light intensity button at the top of the unit.

What is a “sunset” anyway?

In addition to simulating a sunrise, the Philips HF3429/60 also features a sunset function that can slowly dim your lights over a period of 60 minutes prior to your desired bedtime so as to help you fall asleep naturally and easily. It works in combination with your room’s existing light sources so it does not require any additional equipment.

Who can use Wake Up Light?

The Philips HF3429/60 is designed for anyone who would like to wake up naturally without the use of jarring sounds. Especially recommended for those who are sensitive to light, want to reduce their exposure to device screens prior to sleep, or simply feel more rested when waking up with gradually increasing natural light.


A wake up light can be a great investment for your health and well-being, especially if you have trouble waking up in the morning. If this sounds like something that could benefit you or someone on your gift list, we are happy to help find one that will work best with their needs. We’ve done some research into different models available right now so all you need to do is contact us today!


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