10 Best White Wolf Tail

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10 Best White Wolf Tail

Are you a fan of wolves? If so, you’ll love this blog post. In it, we’ll be discussing the white wolf tail. This is a rare breed of wolf that has a very distinctive feature – its tail is completely white. Wondering what makes the white wolf tail so special? Keep reading to find out!

What is the White Wolf Tail cosplay?

White Wolf Tails or White Tails is a Japanese adult game by NekoNeko Soft. Recently it has become popular due to the release of its anime adaption series – The Anime of “White Wolf Tail” started broadcasting in Japan in January 2018. The story follows an ordinary girl (Koyuki) who joins a magician academy to become an apprentice of the world-famous witch Shiny Chariot. The anime adaptation has been adapted from the original game, making it different in many ways.

What is “White Wolf Tail” about?

Koyuki enters Luna Nova Magical Academy, where she meets new friends and begins her new life as a witch. However, she quickly realizes that not everything at this school is what it seems… With help from Professor Ursula and her friends Lotte and Sucy(who are secretly outsiders) Koyuki must learn how to become a full fledged witch whilst investigating Luna Nova’s secrets! It starts off very lighthearted and cute, but upon the students’ arrival at Luna Nova Magical Academy it begins to get much more serious.

What is NekoNeko Soft?

NekoNeko Soft (literal translation: Cat Cat Soft) is a Japanese game company that creates adult games mostly featuring cat girls (nekomimi). The company was founded in 1999 by Akio Watanabe who also worked for Elf before founding his own studio. White Wolf Tails was their premiere H-Game, which brought them great success not only domestically (in Japan), but internationally as well! Most of their titles are released on the PC platform. However, they have recently started working on mobile games as well.

Why should I buy a White Wolf Tail for cosplay?

As you’ve noticed, the anime focuses on the character development of Koyuki. Which is why it’s very hard to precisely recreate any characters from the show due to limited information given. However, if you are a fan of White Wolf Tails or NekoNeko Soft games in general, then there are many items that would be great for cosplay! Here is our list of top 5 best products for cosplay:

1) Magical Stick (magical staff)

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Koyuki uses this magical stick throughout the anime in order to cast spells and enchantments in her battles against familiars and other witches. This stick can also act as Koyuki’s wand too when she cannot carry around her full sized one! It’s her most trusted weapon in the series and becomes better as the anime progresses.

This Magical Stick replica features durable EVA foam under its exterior, making it one of our best products for cosplay! It is designed to be light-weight so that you can comfortably carry this stuff around without too much physical stress on yourself. You can use this magical stick with either your right or left hand.

It also has a detachable chain link at its bottom part, which allows you to keep your white wolf tail on when not in use! A great feature if you are looking for more accuracy in your cosplay! The stick measures 26 inches long (66 cm) closed, 36 inches long(92cm) opened up! Oh by the way, it glows in the dark.

2) Koyuki Cosplay Shoes (Koyuki’s boots)

As seen in episode 9 of The Anime, Koyuki uses these shoes to make her final transformation after she received Luna Nova’s Platinum TaeTiSeo! These are official White Wolf Tail replica shoes that were made by Alter. With its high quality materials and sharp details, you can also use this for your cosplay needs. They’re perfect if you want to recreate the artwork for White Wolf Tails game covers too! It comes with a pair of detachable white wolf tails so you don’t have to buy them separately. You can wear these with casual outfits or any other outfits too since they look great with anything!

3) White Wolf Tails Software (PC game)

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As mentioned before, this is one of the most well known products from NekoNeko Soft. It has three games in total: White Wolf Tails, White Wolf Tail Autumn Tale and White Wolf Tail Winter Gaiden. If you are a fan of the series or anime, then what better way to remember it than playing its official PC Game? All three titles are available for download on Steam! The first two are free but the last title will require some payment. However, don’t let that stop you from playing this amazing game soon after reading this article! You can also play it non-ecchi mode which is just as great too.

4) White Wing Tails Manga

As mentioned before, White Wolf Tails manga was made into an official anime series based on its game version. The game version doesn’t follow the straightly linear storyline of the protagonist Koyuki like in the anime though. 

How does it work?

Simply snap the chain ring onto any object! For example, if you want to recreate Koyuki’s scene where she summons her white wolf tail to get out of her magical girl outfit before changing into something more casual, then simply use the chain rings and attach it onto your back. Then all you have to do is snap it onto its connector part (see video). That will allow you to keep your tail on at all times without too much trouble.

Possible Cosplay Combinations

As mentioned before, Koyuki uses both casual outfits and magic staff in certain episodes for her battles against familiars and other witches. However, this doesn’t mean that she won’t be using casual clothes to fight in-game; If there are any white wolf tail fans who are also gamers, you will definitely love this game!

Well, that’s about all the important items you need if you want to cosplay as Koyuki. We hope that with this article, it gives your costume a better feel without too much trouble. If you enjoyed reading this post or are interested in seeing more of our posts soon, don’t forget to subscribe for free so you can receive an instant notification once we have something new! And please leave any thoughts or suggestions you may have in the comments section below because your feedback helps us improve our articles based on what YOU think is best.


After examining the White Wolf Tail, it seems that this is not a costume for kids. It’s more of an adult item with many intricacies and details that are designed to be worn over clothing. If you’re looking for cosplay outfits or costumes that can be used by children, then this might not be an appropriate choice. However, if you’re interested in something challenging to make but also rewarding – maybe one day your kid will get into sewing too! We recommend checking out our other articles about different types of Halloween Costumes.


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