90 Second Kick Start Routine

90 Second Kick Start RoutineToday we started a new video series called the “90 Second Kick Start Routine”.  There will be 3 videos in this series and we will continue to bring you more.

You will have your day off to a great start with these easy exercises and you only need 90 seconds.  Our fitness expert Joshua Styles, Co-Founder of Ottawa’s OCR Academy, teaches us the proper way to do the exercises for the 90 Second Kick Start Routine.

The exercises in the 90 Second Kick Start Routine video help wake you up in the morning, get your blood pumping,  and are designed so you do not need any equipment or special apparatuses.  In this video all you need is a floor and a doorway and your all set.

The exercises we will cover in this 90 Second Kick Start Routine video will be “The Cobra” “Body Weight Squats” and “The Plank”.  All of which are super easy to do and when you do them fresh out of bed in the morning, you set the tone for the day.  That tone should be one of gratitude, happiness, and joyfulness.

We know that it is difficult to get yourself going in the morning!  By doing these 90 Second Kick Start Routine simple exercises you open up your blood flow, which in turn, allows for more oxygen to circulate through your body.  More oxygen wakes your brain up and allows you to think clearer, faster.   You will find it difficult at first to keep up the routine but if you incorporate our 90 Second Kick Start Routine to your morning you will start yourself off with energy and that will hep you continue through the day.

We have put together a quick playlist of songs that will help you get going as well.  The songs are upbeat songs to get you moving and enjoying your day!!


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