Afghan Kush Strain Information Session

Afghan Kush


Thank you for joining me, Cody Lindsay from The Wellness Soldier for another strain information session.  We have scoured all the top rated review sites such as Leafly and Lift and gathered reviews from other patients and as well some insight from myself to help you choose the right strain for your symptoms.

We do these videos as a way to help you become an informed buyer when purchasing your medical cannabis.  There is nothing worse then needing a strain for throughout the week that helps you feel creative and uplifted and you buy a strain that makes you sleepy, then you get nothing done.  It happens to the best of us.

Afghan Kush
Afghan Kush from Tilray


Today we have Afghan Kush from Tilray and it is 25.3% THC.

Currently selling at $13/G

Afghan Kush is known to help with;

  • Stress,
  • Pain,
  • Insomnia,
  • Depression, and
  • Lack of Appetite


Patients have said that the effects of Afghan Kush help you feel;

  • Relaxed,
  • Happy,
  • Sleepy,
  • Euphoric, and
  • Hungry

The general consensus with Afghan Kush is that it is good for a night-time strain.  With a high that will help you feel tired and hungry.  I hope you find this video informative and if you do then please hit the like and subscribe button in YouTube.  You can find the rest of our social media channels at the bottom of the page.

Afghan Kush


Afghan Kush


Everybody loves music!!!  Especially when you’re chilling out and smoking, vaporizing, or eating your cannabis.  So I have added my favorite song while I was testing this strain.  I must have listened to this song like 15 times in one session.  The Afghan Kush parks you in your seat for a while, you’ll enjoy this good tune!!



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