Black Widow Strain Information Session

The Wellness Soldier would like to welcome Kushbury to the team!!  He will be handling our Strain Information Sessions to help you choose a strain that is right for you.  There is nothing worse than getting a couch locking Indica when you wanted an uplifting and creative Sativa.   Kushbury will be here to help you figure out which is which.  Today he starts with Black Widow…

Kushbury, over to you… is here to inform.  I feature new cannabis related products, news on Canada’s MMPR program and policies, medical discoveries, emerging technologies, the politics, the people and the companies that matter to you.  We support the end of cannabis prohibition and support both medical and recreation use of marijuana.

I had the pleasure of trying out Black Widow last week and it is a really good strain!  The Black Widow here, clocks in at 14.4% THC so it’s not potent to the point of having to be careful and it is nicely balanced at 65% indica and 35% sativa so no worries loosing your motivation when medicating.

Another big plus for me is the relatively low level of odor the Black Widow gives off both in bud form and while being vaporized and the super smooth, relatively neutral (in the weed world anyways) flavor.  The Black Widow is a great all a rounder!!

I’ve been using Black Widow quite successfully as a daytime strain to help with focus, anxiety and depression but I have found it equally helpful in the evening to help me drift off to sleep (though it doesn’t knock you out quite the way a God Kush does).

To find out more information on the vaporizer we used in today’s review, the Vapir Prima, please see our full review HERE!  

Black Widow


Thank You for joining me, Kushbury, for the Black Widow Strain Information Session!!



The Wellness Soldier

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