Bong Appetit Cookoff

Bong Appetit CookoffRecently Chef Cody was invited to participate in the cannabis cooking competition show “Bong Appetit Cookoff”, featuring B-Real from Cypress Hill, Vanessa Lavorato, Chef Miguel Trinidad and special guest judge WIZ KHALIFA!!

I was flown down to LA not knowing that B-Real was the new host and was totally unaware that Wiz Khalifa was going to be coming through.   When I got to LA my first stop was a dispensary to check out what kind of fiyah that LA had to offer.  I went to MedMen which was just around the corner from the hotel.  I picked up a few 1/8’s, some concentrates, and a few pre-rolled’s for the road.

The next morning I was wait in the lobby to go to Bong Appetit Cookoff where I met the other contestants.  It was great to meet both of them.  Both of them were on Bong Appetit when it was more of a docu-series.  This season was more of a competition style show.  Off we went to the studios.  It was a cool space with a beautifully stocked kitchen.  I was trolling around the building trying to calm my nerves when I saw a board of the other contestants and who the special guest judges were for their day.

As I was scrolling through there was a few different names, then I saw WIZ KHALIFA.  I though to myself “DAAAAMN who’s day is that!!??”.  Then I looked closer and it was my day, Wiz Khalifa was going to be the guest judge for my day of filming!!

The weed pantry we had to work with was absolutely insane!!  Tons of strains, shatter, wax, budder, tinctures, THC powder, CBD isolates, and so much more.  It was super fun to be able to grab whatever and how ever much cannabis you wanted.

I began to get pretty star struck and he wasn’t even in the room yet.  After the first course was over I was doing a quick after round interview and Wiz pulls up in the Mercedes S Class.  I have to admit I was pretty giddy inside hahaha.  Anyhow, it was a long 8+ hour day and it was the time of my life.  I thought I was taking home the “Golden Cone” but I came in second place.  I’m not mad about it though, I lasted all the way through and won the most important round!!


Chef Cody Recreates his Surf & Turf Dish

I came back home to Canada to find out that the Khalifa Kush brand “KKE” was coming to Canada.  I already wanted to do a video recreating our Bong Appetit Cookoff round winning surf & turf dish.  Now I could make it using the KKE cannabis oil.  The following video I created to recreate our round winning dish using the KKE cannabis oils.



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