Cannabis Infused Butter and Flour

In this video Chef Cody Lindsay teaches you how to create cannabis infused Butter & Flour. Cannabis butter and flour is very versatile and can be used in place of butter or flour in any recipe.

Today we are learning how to create cannabis infused butter and flour. First we start with creating the butter using the oven method then we mix up the infused flour.

If you are interested in becoming a medical cannabis patient, please reach out to Spartan Wellness.


cannabis infused butter and flourFor the butter we used 14 grams of 22% THC flower and infused into 1 pound of butter. Using the mathematics we know that 14 grams multiplied by 220 equals 3,080mg THC-a.

After decarb, the 3,080mg THC-a is multiplied by .88 and that equals 2,710mg THC.

Now we are adding that decarboxylated cannabis to the butter and the extraction mathematics is;

Decarboxylated THC multiplied by 80%. 2,710mg THC X .80 = 2,168mg THC

The multiply by 80% is to account for loss during cooking/extraction/straining. Once the butter is infused with the cannabis you will know that you final product contains approximately 2,168mg of THC.


This recipe couldn’t be any easier, all you do is simply add your ground up decarboxylated cannabis into your flour, and done! We used the another 14 grams of 22% cannabis. After decarb, the THC is approximately 2,710mg THC. We added the ground up decarb’d cannabis to 4 cups of flour.

Now, each cup of flour will contain approximately 677mg THC per cup of flour.

Starting amount of grams = 14g
THC percentage per gram = 22% (revert to decimal = .220)
Milligrams per gram 220mg per gram
Amount of grams X milligrams = 3,080mg THC-a
THC-a X .88 (Decarb) = 2,710mg THC
THC X .80 (For Loss) = Total 2168mg THC


Starting amount of grams = _____g
THC percentage per gram = _____% (revert to decimal)
Milligrams per gram _____mg per gram
Amount of grams X milligrams = _____THC-a
THC-a X .88 (Decarb) = _____THC
THC X .80 (For Loss) = Total _____mg

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