Cooking with Cannabis Concentrates – Distillate, Shatter, & Live Resin

Cooking with Cannabis ConcentratesOn todays episode of The Wellness Soldier “Cooking with Cannabis 101” series we are showing you how to cook with concentrates.  We will be using distillate, shatter, & live resin showing you how to incorporate into different mediums.

Today we will be making:

  • Butter with Live Resin
  • Oil with Distillate
  • Tincture with Shatter

We show you the decarboxylation process and then how to create the different mediums.

Cooking with concentrates are delicious way to cook with cannabis.  As the concentrates have no chlorophyll there is no plant flavor leached into your medium, leaving you with a beautiful color butter/oil/tincture.  Cooking with cannabis concentrates helps you with the math a little easier too.  If you have 600mg distillate, you know your oil will be approx. 600mg.  Same when using the shatter, if the shatter is 750mg THC all you need to do is multiply the 750mg by .88 for the decarb conversion and you’re left with a tincture with approx 660mg THC.

Concentrates get a bad wrap sometimes, as they are concentrated some people view them in a negative light.  I’m in favor of concentrates, if your smoking it removes the plant material so you don’t have to ingest that in your lungs.  With cooking it is great as it adds a beautiful flavor to your infusions and makes the math easier.  I also helps you create small batch infusions that pack a punch!

I’d like to give a shout out to Mr. Greens for being our sponsor for this film.  They graciously sent out the concentrates for us to play around with and make this video!  I first met the team at Mr. Greens when they sponsored our 4th Annual Veterans Dinner.  They reached out to us after simply seeing our IG post about the dinner and they hopped on board sponsoring multiple seats for Vets to attend for free.

For more info on how to infuse cannabis into different mediums, check out our “Cooking w/ Cannabis 101” series.  If you are interested in becoming a medical cannabis patient, please reach out to Spartan Wellness.

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