Fourth Annual Veterans Dinner

Our Fourth Annual Veterans Dinner was created as a way to introduce what we are doing with “The Wellness Soldier” to the Veteran community. As well as create a night of education, empowerment, and Veteran appreciation.

Thank you to all of the Veterans and their spouses/battle buddies for joining us at our Fourth Annual Veterans Dinner.  The night featured an amazing 4 course meal, a V2V Black Hops Brewing beer tasting, a great line up of Veteran speakers, raffle prizes, and more. We collaborated with companies to sponsor seats/ tables which kept it free for Veterans to attend.

Chef Daryl Pope and his whole team at Artisan Bistro amazed all of us with their service that was second to none &  the food was amazing. Veterans enjoyed the conversation, met new friends, and above all else…had Fun!!

Fourth annual veterans dinner

Series of Events

6:30pm Welcome

Chef Cody Lindsay welcomed all guests and started the 4th Annual Veterans Dinner.

1st Course

First course was served and the salad vs soup battle began, they both won!  When finished we welcomed our first speaker.

Speaker: Graeme Hafey

V2V Black Hops Brewing spoke about how he and his not-for-profit beer company is helping to support Canadian Veterans.

2nd Course

Second course was delicious but the consensus was the Ravioli.   The second course also featured a V2V Black Hops Brewing beer tasting.  Graeme and his wife handed out samples of their “The Brig” Blonde Ale and their “Victory Ale”.

Speaker: Riad Byne

CEO of Spartan Wellness spoke about how Spartan Wellness is helping Canadian Veterans.

Main Course

The moment they’ve all been waiting for!!  It didn’t disappoint, who wouldn’t love beef tenderloin or butter poached lobster.  Needless to say the plates were empty.

Speaker: Bruno Guevremont

Speaking about Veteran transition and empowerment in areas that matter most: business, relationships, careers and well-being.


Raffle Prizes

Give Away Bags


Good Byes

Fourth Annual Veterans Dinner




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