How-to Use Magical Butter – Using the DecarBox and Making Clarified Butter

How-to Use Magical ButterThank You for joining us for another episode of The Wellness Soldier “Cooking with Cannabis” video series, we are showing you how-to use Magical Butter.  Today we will be learning how to use Magical Butter machine. We will be using the DecarBox for decarboxylation and teaching how to make clarified butter for a beautiful looking final product.

The Magical Butter machine is a great tool in the kitchen for creating your own edibles.  It’s the “set it and forget it” machine for cannabis cooking.  With different times and temperatures to choose from you can create everything from butter, oils, and tinctures in the MB. Combining an immersion blender with a precise heating unit, the MagicalButter machine allows you to make fantastic culinary creations. Infuse butter, oils, tinctures and more to make soups, sauces, dressings, or even topicals & salves all in one unit!

Today we show you how to decarboxylate using the DecarBox.  How to clarify your butter for a beautiful looking final product.  Then we show you how to infuse your decarboxylated cannabis into your clarified butter using the Magical Butter.  The process sounds long and arduous but it’s really quite simple.  You can then use your cannabis butter in any recipe that calls for butter.

Learning how-to use Magical Butter properly will help you when creating your own edibles.  The “set it and forget it” aspect of the machine is what makes edibles creation so easy, you don’t need to worry about burning your cannabis because the machine keeps it at the regulated temperature.  The DecarBox makes decarb easy too as it protects your cannabis from the harsh elements of an oven too.  The accompanying thermometer helps you ensure that the internal temp of the box is set to the temp you expect it to be.

You can see the Magical Butter in action in these other videos;

For more info on how to infuse cannabis into different mediums, check out our “Cooking w/ Cannabis 101” series.  If you are interested in becoming a medical cannabis patient, please reach out to Spartan Wellness.

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