Karma Cup 2015

Karma Cup 2015

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending Karma Cup 2015.  Karma Cup 2015 is an elite medical cannabis, hash and edibles cup held in Canada, and this year the event was held at Vapor Central and Planet Paradise in Toronto.

The Wellness Soldier participated as a bud judge to further cannabis knowledge.  As we help Canadian Veterans with cannabis, I wanted to ensure my knowledge is kept up to date with relevant cannabis information.  Which is exactly what I got at Karma Cup 2015, an increase in my knowledge to help Canadian Veterans, as the world of concentrates was new to me.  I was able to learn a fair amount about concentrates and how they help patients.

Although with my disability from tours outside the country it was hard for me to be in a room that crowded with people for as long as I did…but thankfully there was lot’s of medicine around to help me out as well the atmosphere was so happy and laid back 🙂  Although I do wish my wife was with me to help me, as well to take better pictures then the ones I took with my cell phone in a dark-ish room….

The application process was rigorous, and not everyone that puts forth an application will get selected.  The judges kit however, was loaded with all of the samples I had to judge including the samples of the other categories as well.  The second-annual Karma Cup boasts a unprecedented 100 cannabis entries, including 15 indica, 12 sativa, 19 hybrid, 15 shatter, 7 budder, 5 solvent-less, 18 edibles, and 9 topical; as well as 17 heady glass entries.  As well as a pretty nice swag bag, with way too many stickers, but pretty sweet nonetheless.  You can find the results of Karma Cup 2015 HERE.

Karma Cup 2015


Karma Cup 2015


There was so many interesting things to see and look at.  It’s kind of hard to believe that for cannabis competition, there was far less cannabis then I thought I was going to see.  There was shatter, budder, hash, solventless, gummy candies, lollipops, edibles and the list goes on…


Karma Cup 2015


The place was just filled with huge duffle cases that transport delicate dab rigs.  E-nails plugged into the wall rather volcano vaporizers.  Torches blowing 1000°F flames all around me getting glass, ceramic, titanium, and quartz “Nails” and Nail Heads ready for dabbing.



The people that made the weekend happen are marijuana’s crusaders!!  The event coordinators, the sponsors, the judges, those that purchased media passes, and purchased tickets to the event are the people that are the reason why cannabis is now a political issue in Canada.  They are the people that are doing business and making people think twice before bringing up the stereo type; that cannabis users are known to be lazy people.

You can find out more information about The Karma Cup and Karma Cup 2015 on their Facebook and Instagram.  There was tireless work going on behind the scenes, and

These are the people made Karma Cup 2015 happen.
Sarah Sunday

Karma Cup 2015

Sarah Sunday was the Karma Cup 2015 boss-lady and you can tell that she runs a hard ship.  Aside from Vapor Central being a little crowded on Saturday night I didn’t see a hiccup in the show.  Sarah Sunday is a cannabis pioneer in my opinion, not only did she put on a cannabis cup in Canada, she was not afraud to be the face of it either.  She put herself in harms way in order to further the movement, and to me that is commendable and courageous.

You can find more about the Karma Cup 2015 creator Sarah Sunday through her YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.



Karma Cup 2015

Marc and Jodie Emery

Among the guests at Karma Cup 2015  were Canada’s premier cannabis couple, and of course I’m talking about Marc Emery and the lovely Jodie Emery.  They are the owners of Vancouver’s Cannabis Culture shop and online magazine. With Marc being the cannabis activist and Jodie being the well spoken political powerhouse these two have moved the cannabis movement forward more then most cannabis players in Canada.

Marc has been sent to jail multiple times  for possession, among other things and has brought light to the issue in a way that has a lot of Canadians listening and realizing that cannabis can help.

Marc brought cannabis infused jams and honey to Karma Cup 2015.  The honey was out of this world…..The bees pollinate the cannabis plants.  Then, when the bee’s are making honey with the pollen, the heat within the hive converts the THC into active molecules and you have the freshest most pure cannabis infused honey…AMAZING!!

Karma Cup 2015
Marc Emery Brought Cannabis Infused Jams and Honeys.


Redbeard Glass

Karma Cup 2015


Karma Cup 2015


The trophies for Karma Cup 2015 were created by Redbeard Glass and they also doubled as a DAB Rig that the winners could use.  You can find out more about Redbeard Glass on his TwitterFacebook or watch this cool video!!





Amy Anonymous

Karma Cup 2015

Amy Anonymous…is not so anonymous 🙂 Especially when you own CannDo Dispensary,  Toronto’s #1 dispensary as voted by the people for the Lift Cannabis Awards.  Not only best dispensary but best Sativa, Hybrid, Indica, and Edibles.

Although Canadian Veterans are covered for medical cannabis if bought through a LP, dispensaries such as CannDo offer other forms of ingestion that LP’s do not for now.  If your interested in learning more you can learn How To Join.

Amy Anonymous is EVERYWHERE!!!  You can find her on Twitter, tweeting all sorts of original content.  On her YouTube Channel she posts video’s of all sorts of shit from concerts, movie premiers, to cannabis informational video’s.

Like I said she is all over everywhere on social media spreading her knowledge to others to help push the cannabis movement ahead and improving others knowledge about cannabis…Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn,  and if you google her name I’m sure you will find lot’s more!!  I also found this Nate Dogg track on her site that I’ve never heard….oddly enough as I love Nate D O Double G!!

Beard Brothers Society

Karma Cup 2015I met Brad from Beard Brothers Concentrates and I was also lucky enough to win a huge piece of their shatter.  From The Results of Karma Cup 2015 you can see that Beard Brothers Society entered one sativa strain (True Ocean Grown Organic) and it not only won first place, it also won second place in the budder category.  Beard Brothers Society also won first place in the budder category with Island Berry!!Karma Cup 2015

The Beard Brothers Society’s Menu is extensive and if you’re smoking 7-10 grams a day, like some Veterans are, you might find it helpful and less time consuming to move to a concentrate.  Although LP’s are working with Health Canada to get more concentrates and oils to help patients, the market is not there with an LP.  Which is where a society like Beard Brothers can help patients.  They are there to help you and if you have any questions or want to find out more about them go HERE.

You can find more about the Beard Brothers Society through Leafly, Facebook, Herbal Dispatch, Instagram, and this cool video of their opening Day in Victoria B.C.


Mike  Rita

Karma Cup 2015

Mike Rita was fucking hilarious the whole time at Karma Cup 2015.  He’s up on stage crackin jokes and then all the sudden it’s time for a DAB break, it goes silent for 20 seconds, then he comes back hard and fucking tears the place apart.  His YouTube Channel that is just funny as hell, especially when he brings out the “What the Fuck” and when he talks about his Portuguese upbringing.

If you want more Mike Rita you can check him out on his iChannel, Yuk Yuks Bio, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Also check him out in this hilarious video  ↓↓


The Baked Baker

Karma Cup 2015I met Chris, The Baked Baker, while volunteering with NORML Canada in Ottawa as he was dropping off material to hand out to the head shops in the area.  The materials were vote liberal cards and the post cards to Harper and I guess they worked as the people have voted and the liberals are in power.

Chris is a baker of infused cannabis products, as you could tell by the name 🙂  He also entered Karma Cup 2015  with a Pineapple Chunk Fudge that was delicious.  The Pineapple Express Shatter that he made and had with him, was out of this world too.

Check out his Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date.



Dovercourt Bakery

Karma Cup 2015


On the Saturday night of Karma Cup 2015 around 11pm, I was just about to leave when I met Brian from Dovercourt Bakery.  I recognized the name Dovercourt Bakery from the edible he included in the Swag Bag which was very good.  Karma Cup 2015

He also entered Karma Cup 2015 with a cookie named the S’more Doodle which was quite original over some of the other entries.  You can catch up with all the Dovercourt Bakery happenings through their Twitter and Instagram.  He is also a forum administrator on Cannabis.ca


Karma Cup 2015
We may have used the vape a little too much during the podcast 🙂

Michael ( Kushbury ) I met on twitter and I find it fascinating when I meet people from my social media.  Kind of what the whole Karma Cup 2015 weekend was like.

We recorded a Podcast as a way to promote that we will be working together to create video reviews for Veterans on the TWS YouTube Channel.  As well as the TWS Veterans Dinner I have coming up.

His reviews on YouTube are very helpful when selecting strains or just when learning general knowledge of Cannabis.   You can also find his written reviews on his website.

You can find him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  He is also a member at Fuck Combustion for a vaporizer review forum.  As he wants patients to know that utilizing a vaporizer is a healthier more effective way to use cannabis.


I’m going next year again for sure and I am going to enter the edibles category.  Before I leave I wanted to leave you with this CRAZY Urban Remo video.  He was at Karma Cup 2015 and I should have gotten to know him a little better.  Oh well….there is always next year.


The Wellness Soldier

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