Are you new to running?
You have to set running goals.  One thing to keep in mind when you are new to running is setting S.M.A.R.T, but aggressive goals, you will stay focused and accomplish those goals.New to running
  • S-Smart
  • M-Measurable
  • A-Action
  • R-Realistic
  • T-Timed 




If you were to set a goal of running 10K in 45 minutes, which is great, yet in order to achieve this goal you must start properly.  If you start properly you will end up enjoying it a lot more as well;

S – Smart –

Being new to running and setting a goal keeps you accountable.  Ensure that the goal is attainable, and by not setting the bar too high or making your goal too difficult, will ultimately  help not set yourself up for failure.

M – Measurable –

Give yourself something to work towards and measure your successes along the way.  Tell yourself that within eight to twelve months you will run your first 10K race and set you goal to that date.  Remember that you are new to running and start with a goal of 3K within 15 minutes.  Your goal could take about 3-4 weeks of running three times a week just to work your way up to that level.   Ensure that you keep your times and measure how much distance you have increased or the amount time decreased that you have achieved.

A – Action –

Once you have initiated action toward your goal you will feel energized and add more kilometers and decrease time as you work towards your higher goal of 10K in 45 minutes.  Action can be as little as taking the stairs over the elevator and making healthier choices towards your higher goal.

New to running

R – Realistic –

Be realistic when new to running.  A rule that you could be following is the 10% rule, which states that there should be no more than a 10% increase in distance from week to week.  Push yourself only as far as YOU can go, don’t worry that someone can run more kilometers then you or that they can run 5K faster then you, you worry about you.

T – Timed –

By setting daily, weekly, and monthly goals you will have a time lapse of progress to look back on and see that you are making progress.  Keep your times after every run, and be mindful of your progress or what you can do to improve your progress.

Being new to running can be intimidating especially when shopping for shoes.  Here is a guide to help men and women review multiple shoes to help you with selecting  pair of shoes that are right for you.

One thing that you must do is to celebrate your successes!!  As much as actually putting on your running shoes and getting out for a walk to map a route that you might run is worth celebrating if you didn’t do it the day before and it is a step towards a healthier and fuller future.  When you are new to running or anything in life and you set goals, you set yourself up for success.

Joshua Styles


The Wellness Soldier


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  • Great article. I work in the fitness industry repairing fitness equipment and see many “styles” of running. For a while I was working in commercial gyms and residential and found that having to remove my shoes in a house drastically changed the way I run when testing a treadmill compared to testing one in a commercial setting. With shoes I run like everybody else but take off your shoes and and you will run on the balls of your feet with hardly any heel strike. There are numerous peoples around the world that are referred to as Running Tribes that are able to cover great distances non stop over mixed terrain usually barefoot. The first thing I noticed was my shins getting a bit sore until I got used to it. But I was less winded and could go twice as long. This is the way we are supposed to run.