OCR Academy – Joshua Styles Opens Ottawa’s Only OCR Academy

OCR AcademyJoshua Styles is The Wellness Soldier’s fitness expert and he recently opened Ottawa’s first and only OCR Academy.

Joshua has this to say about the OCR Academy

OCR Academy where you can overcome life’s challenges, one obstacle at a time. OCR stands for Obstacle course Race, and this is where one can either train for one or simply experience a new form of training. This facility is a new concept to Ottawa, and we are extremely proud to be the first and only Obstacle Training gym. With over 6,000 square feet of awesomeness, you can participate in one of our signature classes or enjoy our facility during open gym time.


OCR Academy
YES…There are RULES!! You have to follow 1 and 2 it’s an OCR Academy “MUST”


We like to think of ourselves as the Total Human Improvement centre. We feel that in our Adult life we lose the ability to play, live life to the fullest and even laugh more. OCR Academy wants to be the destination where adults come to not only learn how to improve their overall health, but have fun doing it as well.

Refuse to quit, because pain is temporary.

Come check us out at 1140 Morrison Drive Unit 106B
Give us a shout at 613-726-0909
Or find us on the Facebook.


OCR Academy






The OCR Academy is out of this world, with obstacles that seem impossible to do, until you see someone do it with ease.  There is this one “thing” that I saw there and I though that it was just for decoration, but then I knew that nothing is decoration at the academy, it’s an obstacle!!  I still don’t know the point of it but it was cool to watch people attempt it 🙂



There is many cool things about the OCR Academy and visiting could be a great way for you to get back into training and feeling good about yourself.  Josh is an amazing motivator and will have you feeling like you can take on the world.  The Wellness Soldier will be working with OCR Academy, to bring you video’s on how to start a morning routine, and how to do exercises and stretches properly.   The Wellness Soldier was created to help get permanently impaired veterans to try to eat healthier and start exercising as way to help combat operational stress injuries and working with Joshua Styles and the OCR Academy we will be able to that.

OCR Academy


OCR Academy


OCR Academy


OCR Academy


Please stay tuned for more from the OCR Academy 🙂


The Wellness Soldier


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