Our Mission

Welcome to The Wellness Soldier,

Our Mission
Cody and Kaleena Lindsay

Our Mission is to bring you information, services, and products to help veterans live a healthy long life.  Our site consists of five main area’s of focus;

  • Veterans,
  • Eating Healthy,
  • Fitness,
  • Meditation/Becoming Grounded, and
  • Medical Marijuana.

It is designed for you that way to help you get back to the basics and treat your body and minds as a working machine that needs the proper kind of fuel to make it run smoothly and properly.

We are not Anti-Prescription medication, we just believe that fueling your body with healthy, nutritious, whole,  and fresh foods mixed with exercise and meditation can help reduce the amount of medications that veterans are on, as well as the side effects of those medications.  All while helping just from doing something you need to do anyway…Eat and Drink.

Healthy Eating –
About Us
Farm Fresh Foods

The Wellness Soldier is for beginners!! Our mission is to provide you information, products, and services on healthier choices that aid in injury recovery for veterans.  Chef Cody Lindsay and Justin Scott, Holistic Chef, provide healthy recipes that will be easy for you to make and prepare.

We provide you meal plans and grocery lists that will help in being more prepared for the day/week to come. We provide everything from BBQ, Vegan, Meat, Vegetarian, and International Cuisine.

Juice and Smoothie recipes from Kaleena will give you quick bursts of healthy energy throughout the day that taste amazing. As this is a healthy eating website, not a diet website we will include, well, whatever is healthy and good for the body and soul.

Medical Marijuana –
About Us
Canadian Marijuana Plant

We can put you in contact with a marijuana friendly doctor that will help you with your options with Medical Marijuana.  Visit our Contact Us page to fill out the form and we will be in touch with in 24 hours.  The producer that we recommend is Tilray for their professional service, product, and amazing 1 day shipping from B.C.

Here at The Wellness Soldier we are not saying that medical marijuana is the “end all be all” of PTSD/Occupational Stress Injury treatment, we are saying that it can help reduce your symptoms with less side effects then the pharmaceutical drugs.  Canadian Medical Marijuana is making advancements in treating many Occupational Stress Injuries and Pain Injuries as marijuana is now legal to study and research on a higher level.

Fitness –
About Us
Reach Your Peak

The Wellness Soldier provides you with the proper techniques and exercises that will have you feeling amazing. Our resident fitness expert Joshua Styles provides you with everything you need to know in regards to fitness.

He is an expert in fields such as, Cross fit, OCR, Body Building, and Personal Training.  Our goal is to answer every question you have about fitness and provide you with basic workouts and information that will have you feeling great.

Meditation –
About Us
Bring Your Mind To This Beach.

The Wellness Soldier will help you get started on a path to meditation as well as becoming grounded and centered to help you live peaceful and tranquil.

Our mission is to provide information and products that help aid in your progression of meditation.  Meditation is very simple and can make you feel amazingly grounded.

Veterans –
About Us
Thank You Veterans

The Wellness Soldier was created by a veteran, for veterans, and our mission is to help you create, and live a healthy lifestyle.  Our mission is to give pertinent information on programs that will aid in the recovery of a veterans healthy life, such as the programs that VAC and other veteran organizations provide veterans.

As well work with other veterans websites to bring you info, such as advocacy sites.  The Wellness Soldier is not an advocacy site for veterans issues but I do feel strongly about veterans rights so I will be damn sure to make sure you are informed too.


Thank you for visiting.

-The Wellness Soldier



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