Pax VaporizerThe Pax Vaporizer

The Pax Vaporizer will give you a new outlook towards life.

Gone are the old days of:

  • Stinking up the whole neighborhood when your using your medicine,
  • Running out of rollies,
  • Finding cardboard for a filter,
  • Needing a lighter,
  • Trying to find shelter when blazing on a windy day,
  • Your joints canoeing all up one side,
  • Having to find a place for your roaches,
  • Your head shop running out of your favorite rollies and you have to settle for off brand

Now there is the Pax Vaporizer to alleviate all those troubles

The Pax Vaporizer provides an easy alternative to using rollies, bongs, or pipes, and provides you with a clear, long lasting high.

If you are a Canadian veteran covered for medical marijuana you are entitled to $250.00 for the cost of a vaporizer.  If you are a Canadian veteran living in Ontario and would like to be put in contact with a doctor to discuss medical marijuana as a treatment option, and as well, how to take advantage of the vaporizer coverage then please contact us at The Wellness Soldier.

The clean Pax Vaporizerlines and incognito design makes it perfect for smoking on the go.  The Pax Vaporizer is discreet and the vapor you exhale is near odorless.

It’s the near odorless vapor and discreet design that improves your quality of life, especially with in your neighborhood as you don’t get the stare downs from neighbors, or hear them commenting to each other as they pass your backyard like you would if you were smoking a doobie, bong, or pipe.

Using a vaporizer for your dried herbs makes inhaling smooth and so so tasty.  Nothing beats the flavor you will get with the Pax Vaporizer, you will enjoy every subtle flavor that your strain of marijuana has to offer.

When using a vaporizer you are inhaling the active ingredients of marijuana which are known as cannabinoids, you are not inhaling the harsh combustibles of whole plant matter.  The two widely known cannabinoids in marijuana are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

Pax Vaporizer
Tilray – Canadian Medical Marijuana Producer Grow Room

The Pax Vaporizer is super easy to use and it will make you wonder why you wasted all that time buying rollies, buying filters, rolling doobies and then messing around with putting the damn filters in.

The Pax Vaporizer has a large oven to hold your herbs.  Holding .25 – .4 grams easily, you can enjoy it while out and not have to keep refilling it constantly.  The Pax Vaporizer’s battery life lasts at least a whole day of regular use off one full charge which again makes it nice and portable.  To fully recharge your Pax Vaporizer only takes about 1.5- 2 hours.

You will be thanking The Wellness Soldier when you purchase purchase your Pax Vaporizer!!


The Wellness Soldier

Pax Vaporizer
“I was always a big time doobie guy!!”

I was always a big time doobie guy!!  I have collections of different brands and sizes of rollies, rolling machines, and other accessories and never really cared for the vaporizer craze.  Which is why I’m kind of late to the game of vapes and posting about the Pax vaporizer (#1), there is a Pax 2.

When I bought the Pax Vaporizer it was for the taste that I got from my medical marijuana when smoking it, and for the discreetness.  When I got it, I never expected it to change my life.  I don’t know how to explain it, but, with the Pax Vaporzier I no longer munch out, which is insane for me!!  I’ve lost over 40 pounds so far, just from my ability to focus more easily on what I give and how I treat my body, all from just using the Pax Vaporizer.

From a health and wellness perspective I was able to reduce my symptoms and feel better using a Pax Vaporizer then smoking a doobie.  I strictly use the Pax Vaporizer now, which is crazy because I never thought I would stop rolling doobies all together.

I have a better ability to focus and the high I get from the Pax Vaporizer is so light and airy and not heavy like when I smoked a doobie.  With a stronger ability to focus on healing myself I began eating/drinking better, exercising (8-10 reps of different easy exercises), and meditating.  Making my body and mind happy and cohesive.

This website would not be possible without the Pax Vaporizer.


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