Peace Naturals Cannabis Oil – Omega & Cerene

Peace Naturals Cannabis OilPeace Naturals Cannabis Oil – Omega & Cerene are the newest cannabis oils of the entire MMPR system.  Peace Naturals was the first LP approved by Health Canada to sell cannabis oil.  If you want to learn more about Peace Naturals Cannabis Oil you can find all the information HERE


I started my morning off with the 25.3 mg/ml Omega.  Since I was used to vaporizing high THC cannabis, I followed the 1.5 ml equals 1 Gram of cannabis.  The greatest thing about Peace Naturals Cannabis Oil is that you can add it to anything to create a cannabis infused meal.   When I took off the top I was expecting a smell to be over powering, yet it was faint and almost unnoticeable.


Peace Natural's Cannabis Oil


I added Peace Naturals Cannabis Oil to my fresh made juice that I had made the night before.  The oil did not alter the taste of the juice in any way.  Nor did it leave an oily taste in my mouth or an oily film in the bottle.  I did not notice an after taste and it also did not have any lingering taste at all, which was pleasant.

I was expecting to have heavy legs and a heavy body high.  For the first couple of hours I was feeling my body to see what was going on and to see how I felt.  It was almost like I wasn’t to sure if it was working.  I wasn’t too sure if I needed to take more or not…


Peace Naturals Cannabis Oil


Then, it clicked in!!  It was working so amazing that I didn’t even realize what was going on…I was expecting to feel high, or again, a heavy body high, and since I use cannabis for anxiety, I got this feeling of calm and ease throughout my whole body and brain.

My brain is usually running a mile a minute before the first vapes of the day, but I was not even noticing that the Peace Naturals Cannabis Oil had taken away that feeling of being uneasy and anxious.  All while not feeling “HIGH”. and the fact that it came from simply drinking my morning Juice/Smoothie is all the more amazing.



Peace Naturals Cannabis Oil is a game changer, no more worrying about the decarboxilation debate (do I have to, do I not?), the 8 hour process to make your own oils, the messy kitchen, or the smelly house.  Although the smell throughout your house can be amazing at times 🙂

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Peace Naturals Cannabis Oil – Omega & Cerene