The  Stashlogix Case is simply the best secure and discreet system for storage and transport of medical cannabis!!

Stashlogix CaseStarting The Wellness Soldier we started travelling to a lot of the different cannabis expo’s and events around the country.  I often gathered all my cannabis accessories and put it in different pouches in my back pack and never thought much about it.  That is until you get to Toronto for the Lift Cannabis Expo after a 7+ hour travel day and realize you forgot your rollies!!



So when Tilray started carrying the Stashlogix Case, I figured it would be a great time to get myself some travel accessories.  I have been using the Stashlogix Case for over a month or so now and I have to admit it is not just for travelling!!

Stashlogix Case


Since getting the Stashlogix Case I use it everywhere I go, it can hold everything you need and some.

In my Stashlogix Case I can store;
  • 2 containers of medical cannabis,Stashlogix Case
  • Pax 3 vaporizer and charging system,
  • Medtainer,
  • multiple packs of rollies,
  • scissors,
  • pack of tips,
  • couple doob tubes,
  • multiple lighters,
  • digital scale,
  • phone charger, and
  • Tilray portable power charger (you know, for those times you need portable power to charge the Pax 3 lol).

There is STILL some room for other stuff too!!

I also found it handy for keeping all my stuff organized.  When I prepare my medical cannabis I often have rollies, scissors, cannabis containers, and crumbs all over the counter.  Before I (my wife) would just organize the chaos in a neat pile off to the side of the counter.  Since getting the Stashlogix Case I (she) just puts it all back in the case and the mess is clean and organized now.

The locking mechanism attaches to the case itself making it super easy to conceal and lock up your cannabis.  It is also a 3 number pass code that you can choose to lock/unlock your case.

Stashlogix Case

Although very smell proof it’s not quite air tight as it has a charging/headphone port on the side of the bag.  They do include an “OdorPax” activated bamboo charcoal in a hemp pouch and nylon liner to increase the smell proof capabilities.


If I’m out and about, the Stashlogix Case is very discreet!  Looking like a regular carry all bag no one is the wiser that there is medical cannabis contained in the case.  The case comes in 2 colours, for now, Hemp & Black.  As well as a range of sizes, Small, Medium, and Large.  I have the medium and still have room to spare.  I could see the large one being handy for future travelling too 🙂

Stashlogix Case

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