The 2 Most Important Principles for Good Nutrition.
Good Nutrition
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When it comes to good nutrition there are two important principles that you must keep in mind are “Fresh is Best” and “Moderation”.  These two simple recommendations may seem easy in theory but it is way harder then you think to instill them into your daily routine.

Especially given the ease and wide availability of of pre-prepared meals, frozen meals, and fast food within Canada.  The hectic and frantic paces of most Canadians lives leaves little time for meal preparation and in turn you turn to fast foods and prepared meals, which leaves your body empty of nutrients.  Good nutrition helps with, and can cure physical and mental pain.

“Fresh is Best”

This principle is a reminder that the more your foods are prepared by others before they reach your household, the likely it will be that it has added sugars, salt, saturated fats, preservatives, and artificial coloring.  In addition, increased processing will decrease the fiber and nutritional content leaving your food empty of good nutrition.

Food is manipulated to give those foods a longer shelf life with zero good nutrition.  Also to meet the appetite of the average Canadian consumer, who has been eating a diet high in fat and sodium, and low in fiber.   There is increasing evidence low-fiber, high-fat, and high-sodium diets puts you at risk for;

Good Nutrition

  • Heart Disease
  • Some Cancers such as Colon Cancer
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Obesity

Obesity can increase the risk of degenerative joint disease and osteoarthritis, particularly in your lower body.  Which is a concern to you if you have chronic pain as it can complicate the pain management problem further.


Moderation simply means don’t eat too much at one time, or that you can have “too much of a good thing” and the end result is a stable weight that is appropriate for your height and body type.  Eating at regular times, from a variety of foods in our four basic food groups, and in quantities that meet the caloric requirements of your activities and metabolism, will help you maintain a healthy weight.

By skipping meals, eating your largest meal in the evening, and snacking on high fat foods you will contribute to your weight problems and have a hard time eating good nutrition.  Realizing those habits will help you maintain moderation in your diet, as your body has a natural wisdom that enables it to pick and choose what it needs and when it needs it,  only if not overwhelmed by excess.


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  • What a great article I can’t wait to put these two principles into action. I never thought of it as being that easy.