Veterans Affair Canada
London Ontario, Canada – November 11, 2011. A group of veterans during Remembrance Day ceremonies at the Cenotaph in Victoria Park in London Ontario Canada.

Whether or not you choose to believe it but Veterans Affairs Canada can save your life.  If you believe for any reason that you have a military related injury you need to contact your local office.

Yes the paperwork at Veterans Affairs Canada is long and tedious, and you might get turned down, but it could be rewarding and satisfying.  There are monetary payments that could come with having your claim approved, but it’s having Veterans Affairs Canada recognize your injury as military related that’s worth the paperwork.  Getting recognition for your injury could be detrimental to your health and quality of life.

You might not think that you need to call them.  You might think that’s just always how it’s been since you left the forces.  You might think it’s just a little stress now and then.  Regardless of what you have been telling yourself, you might know that Veterans Affairs Canada can help you in some way,  and they can.

Veterans Affairs Canada provides services and benefits for;

  • Regular Force Member/Veteran
  • Reserve Force Member/Veteran
  • Second World War Veteran
  • Second World War Allied Veteran
  • Korean War Veteran
  • Korean War Allied Veteran
  • RCMP Member/Veteran
  • Family Member or Survivor

If you are or know someone from this list that needs help please contact Veterans Affairs Canada.  They will help you in all area’s of life whether it be mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually.

Here at The Wellness Soldier we know that there is not a whole lot of information other than just call Veterans Affairs Canada and set up an appointment, or fill out these forms.  So we are going to dive deeper into what these programs have to offer and how they will benefit you.  The information on benefits within a program at Veterans Affairs Canada are hard to come by so we will gather and report on a different benefit, in detail, each month.




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