Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club

Victoria Cannabis Buyers ClubIt was a beautiful sunny day in Victoria, B.C. and I was on my way to visit Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club, which was founded by Ted Smith of Hempology 101.  I was invited by Dieter MacPherson as way to show other Canadian Veterans that there is a place for them to go and feel welcome with cannabis.

What I found interesting before even walking in the door that there was no sign that the club was even there.  That is because Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club is a compassion club that helps patients in need, and not a recreational storefront that needs to be flashy and obnoxious to attract customers.


Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club


When I walked in, I was greeted enthusiastically by the girl at the front desk.  Which put me at ease, as I was a little anxious going in.  Now that I was at ease now, I settled in and said who I was and that I was there to meet Dieter.  He happened to be sitting right behind her, and greeted me.


Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club


When I went into Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club I was expecting a dispensary.  What I mean is, that I was expecting pre bagged weed in 1-3 gram baggies everywhere.  A half-assed application process and no cannabis information anywhere.  All the product that I had been seeing in Victoria looked, smelled, felt, or tasted the same.

*** Please don’t take offence to that V-CBC, by the time I made it there, I had already been to a couple other dispensaries in Victoria that were CERTAINLY nothing to write a blog post about 🙂 *** 

Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club blew me away!!   The Cannabis Menu that I saw there was out of this world.  Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club kept there cannabis in airtight jars and you can tell that they meticulously take care of their cannabis, as it wasn’t just dried up cannabis in a jar.  The cannabis was expertly taken care of with only a few strains available, but the few kinds they had were grown and handled with LOVE!!


Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club


Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club doesn’t just buy cannabis from anybody that walks through their door.  They have a process which rivals the process that health Canada uses with licensed producers.  One thing I found impressive was, if a grower brings a product that has mold V-CBC will destroy the product, not give it back.  Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club conducts their own inspections on the operations that supply them, with a regulation checklist to ensure safety.


Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club


Again, not just an operation that sells weed to make money, it’s a not for profit organization that provides cannabis flowers and smokeless cannabis products to patients in need.

Which brings me to smokeless cannabis products.  The list of products that Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club carries is actually mostly non-flower cannabis products.  They have edibles, capsules, topicals and extracts as well.  As some patients do not want to “smoke” cannabis, they carry multiple smokeless products to help patients.


Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club


Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club


The information that they provide for their members is posted right as you walk in.  The information is professionally printed, and they have pamphlets about various cannabis information.  I was not allowed to leave without being given multiple pamphlets to read.  It seemed a little overkill, but once I started reading all the information I felt empowered with cannabis knowledge.


Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club



Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club has a vapor lounge on site for members to come and use their cannabis in a clean and understanding environment.  You bring your own cannabis and they have vaporizers that you can use or you can use your own device or simply roll one up and blaze away.

Their Vapour Lounge is a safe and comfortable environment for members to consume their medicine while connecting with a diverse group of people in similar situations.  The Vapour Lounge is wheelchair accessible and has a Hospital Grade HEPA filtration system.

The application process takes a lengthy amount of time.  A 45 minute application and orientation process is required of all new members, along with rules and regulations, members will learn about the basic science of cannabis in order to make informed decisions about treatment.  Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club requires a physician’s diagnosis of a permanent physical disease or disability.  All psychiatric disorders including ADHD and Depression, as well as some physical conditions require a doctor’s recommendation.


Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club


Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club uses a swipe card system to identify members.  One nice thing about the card is that it comes with a member standard emergency fund attached to it.  Shit happens and they know that which is why they have that available to members.

I am kicking myself now for not taking the time to become a member of one of the most known compassion clubs in Canada while I was in Victoria.

Please if you are in the Victoria area, go and visit Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club for an enjoyable time with like minded individuals.

If you want to learn more about Ted Smith check out the video’s by Cannabis in Canada:

Thank You

The Wellness Soldier



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