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Call to Action

The Wellness Soldier’s Call to Action.

Call To ActionOur call to action is for you to eat and drink the cleanest, most nutritious way that you possibly can.  You NEED to be mindful about what you feed your body.  

Now a days pre-prepared foods and drinks are loaded with massive amounts of sugar and other harmful ingredients which hinder your body from maintaining or repairing it self.  

Eating/Juicing healthy foods are known to

  • reduce pain,
  • give you more energy,
  • increase concentration,
  • help you sleep better,
  • improve clarity, and
  • help manage stress.  

The Wellness Soldiers call to action of eating/drinking healthy gives your body a chance to help itself from the inside out.  All while reducing the amount of medications that most veterans are on for military related injuries.  

Our call to action wants you to know the basic fundamentals in life are breathing, drinking, and eating.  When you eat, eat fresh and healthy foods.  The healthy foods give you the fuel you need to live vibrant, resilient, and healthy lifestyles.  

I am a veteran, chef, and marijuana advocate and my team of health and fitness professionals want to help you, my fellow veterans get healthy lifestyles.

Please join The Wellness Soldier’s call to action and follow our blog and social media sites.  We bring you information, products, and services in;

  • Veterans Programs,
  • Healthy Eating and Drinking,
  • Fitness, Meditation,
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  • Medical Marijuana.
 The Wellness Soldier

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