Patient Advisory Committee

Patient Advisory Committee – Veterans Representative

Patient Advisory Committee -Veterans Representative

Patient Advisory CommitteeWe are excited to announce that The Wellness Soldier is now the Veterans Representative on the Patient Advisory Committee and was created by the Canadian Medical Cannabis Council.

The Patient Advisory Committee, which is comprised of leading patient groups from across Canada, will work to ensure patients and their best interests are the focus of the practices, activities and policy advocacy of CMCC.

The patient advisory committee currently includes representatives of the Canadian AIDS Society (CAS), The Arthritis Society, Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana (CFAMM), the Improving the Life of Children (ILC) Foundation and The Wellness Soldier. Over the coming months, CMCC will be recruiting additional members to join the PAC.


About the Canadian AIDS Society

Patient Advisory Committee Incorporated since 1986, the Canadian AIDS Society (CAS) is a national coalition of community-based AIDS organizations across Canada. CAS is dedicated to strengthening the response to HIV/AIDS across all sectors of society, and to enriching the lives of people and communities living with HIV/AIDS.  We’re proud to be working together on the Patient Advisory Committee.

Please go to the Canadian Aids Society’s YouTube ChannelFacebook, Instagram, and Twitter where you will find tons of valuable information.

Their YouTube channel is where you will find this amazing video:


About The Arthritis Society

Patient Advisory Committee The Arthritis Society has been setting lives in motion for over 65 years, and is dedicated to a vision of living well while creating a future without arthritis. The Society is Canada’s principal health charity providing education, programs, research and support to the more than 4.6 million Canadians living with arthritis.  We’re proud to be working together on the Patient Advisory Committee.

Please go to The Arthritis Society’s YouTube Channel, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where you will find an amazing amount of information about arthritis and how they can help you.



About Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana,

Patient Advisory Committee
Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana is a patient-run, non-profit organization that advocates for medical cannabis patients’ rights. CFAMM believes that when medically indicated, cannabis should be easy to access, safe, affordable, standardized, and fully recognized as a prescription medication.

Please go to CFAMM’s LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter where you will find an abundance of information.  Be sure to also see their work with Lift Cannabis.

Find out what Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana’s approach to getting started with the MMPR and Licensed Producers and what they recommend.  We’re proud to be working together on the Patient Advisory Committee.


About Improving the Life of Children Foundation

Patient Advisory Committee
The Improving the Life of Children Foundation (ILC) exists to inspire hope and contribute to the health and well-being of children suffering from chronic pain by providing a care model of health promotion education and knowledge transfer partnerships.  We’re proud to be working together on the Patient Advisory Committee.

You will find more information about The Improving the Life of Children Foundation on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

The ILC’s YouTube Channel has some amazing video’s like this one:

About The Wellness SoldierPatient Advisory Committee

Our mission is to provide information, services, and products to help veterans live a healthy long life, focusing on five main areas: veterans, eating healthy, fitness, meditation/becoming grounded, and medical marijuana. The Wellness Soldier highlights healthy alternatives to relieve the symptoms of occupational stress injuries as well as physical injuries.  We’re VERY proud to be working on the Patient Advisory Committee to help Canadian Veterans.

For valuable information to do with all five area’s of The Wellness Soldier, please visit our YouTube Channel, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Together we are the Patient Advisory Committee and we will be working hard for Canadian patients.

Who is the Canadian Medical Cannabis Council

The Canadian Medical Cannabis Council’s CMCC’s current members include Tilray and The Peace Naturals Projects.


Patient Advisory Committee


Patient Advisory Committee


The Peace Naturals Project Founder and CEO Mark Gobuty said “We are thrilled to be joining CMCC and leading the industry in advancing a resolute commitment to safety, integrity, access, quality, security and research.”  when joining the CMCC.   

Canadian Medical Cannabis Council members seek to advance the production, development, and distribution of medical cannabis in a responsible and transparent manner. Our code of ethics is based on six fundamental principles:

SAFETYPatient safety is the CMCC’s top priority. Accordingly, CMCC members must ensure safe delivery and consumption of medical cannabis, as well as accurate and compliant communication of product information.


 The CMCC requires members to conduct themselves with utmost integrity and professionalism. CMCC members must be aware of potential conflicts of interests and manage them appropriately. In particular, CMCC members must not engage in any practice that is likely to interfere with the professional independence of physicians, including the practice of paying kickbacks or referral fees in exchange for patient authorizations or referrals.



CMCC members are committed to providing patients with medical cannabis produced under stringent quality assurance and accountability processes.


 CMCC members will strive to maintain strain diversity and consistent supply. CMCC members will also work with insurance providers, as well as provincial and federal formularies, to obtain coverage for medical cannabis patients.



The success of the Canadian medical cannabis industry is dependent on preventing diversion of legal, federally regulated, physician-authorized medical cannabis to the black market. CMCC members will implement rigorous measures to prevent diversion at every stage of the supply chain.


 The CMCC recognizes the strong need to advance the state of scientific knowledge around medical cannabis. CMCC members will sponsor and support clinical and/or scientific research efforts and shall ensure that such research is ethically defensible, socially responsible, and scientifically valid.


The Wellness Soldier