Tilray Medical Cannabis Facility

Tilray Medical Cannabis Facility – A Day at the “Sea of Green”

Tilray Medical Cannabis FacilityIt was a beautiful Thursday morning, and I was grinning ear to ear as I drove up the Pat Bay highway to the Tilray medical cannabis facility.  I was invited to get a tour of the facility to better understand how a producer operates so I can help Canadian Veterans.  If you have questions or concerns about how a Licensed Producer (LP) operates for safety/security, we will be able to answer those questions confidently now that I have visited the Tilray medical cannabis facility.

What I learned at Tilray was, they’re dedicated to cultivating and delivering the benefits of medical cannabis safely and reliably.  Their team of PhD’s, botanists, and master horticulturists are industry leaders in medical cannabis research and related agricultural sciences.  At Tilray, they’re constantly looking for ways to make your experience more efficient and convenient.

When I first arrived at the Tilray medical cannabis facility, I was greeted by a heavily secured compound and the front gate was manned with a security guard.  The almost 12 foot fences that surround the whole building are topped with razor wire.


Tilray Medical Cannabis Facility


Once I was through the gate, I was greeted by Philippe Lucas, who is Vice President, Patient Research and Services at the Tilray medical cannabis facility.  I have talked with Philippe on the phone previous to our meeting and it was great to put a face to a voice and meet one on one.  Philippe is very knowledgeable when it comes to patient research and services which is why I was so excited to meet him.  I got to soak up a bit of that knowledge for one afternoon.


Tilray Medical Cannabis Facility


We talked for bit in the parking lot and then we went inside to get the tour started.  When we stopped at the security desk I was able to have a look in the security room and saw the, I don’t know, 200 cameras that are installed throughout the Tilray medical cannabis facility.  Not one single leaf or THC crystal is leaving that building, without being seen on camera.  They take security very seriously!

Once I got my pass to go into the facility I was shown the door procedure.  What’s THAT, you might ask?  When you go through a door, everyone has to wait to swipe through the door individually so the computer can track who goes where.  If you were somewhere you weren’t supposed to be the security team would be all over you.

First stop was above the vault to get information on the average life cycle of the plants and all the various planters and containers used during the life cycle.  Some people may think that it’s just, plant some plants, they take care of themselves, and then Tilray trims and cuts them up and make millions of dollars.  When the process is a lot harder then that as each strain presents it’s own difficulties and growing times.  There are many different cycles that the cannabis plant goes through in order to produce a high quality product.


Tilray Medical Cannabis Facility
Philippe Lucas showing me the life cycle, pots, and soil they use.


Then we went to the clone room where I saw racks and racks of clones and clips all trimmed from the mother plant and waiting patiently to become their own plant.


Tilray Medical Cannabis Facility
Having a look in the clone room


Once we left the clone room we went to have a look at the best part of the whole tour which was the “Sea of Green”.  Like anything at the Tilray medical cannabis facility, it wasn’t as easy as just walk in a room and frolic in bountiful bushels of cannabis plants, it’s an advanced suit up process just to walk in the room where the plants are growing.


Tilray Medical Cannabis Facility
Getting suited up to go in the Grow Room.

The suit up process is to limit the amount of outside contamination that makes it into the grow rooms.  The only thing I was missing was the face mask, made me feel like I was MOPP 4 in NBCD training.

All of this suiting up, wearing glasses, swiping key cards to get through EVERY door, and every other security/safety measure was a pain in the ass, YET, it showed me the care, compassion, and security that Tilray puts into caring for their patients.

Finally the moment I was waiting for….The Sea of Green!!


Tilray Medical Cannabis Facility
“The Sea of Green”


I have seen pictures of the Tilray medical cannabis facility and I thought I knew what to expect, but there is nothing like walking into that “Sea of Green”, and the smell, WOW.  I will never look at Jack Herer and Jean Guy the same way again!  I was expecting big tall bushy plants with leaves popping out everywhere, but I noticed that all the plants were professionally maintained with only what was necessary growing.  They all looked so manicured and the buds were so nice looking.

I was able to rub my fingers together on a leaf, and the smell that it released and the lingering smell on the glove was like no smell I have ever smelled before.  I have smelled fresh growing cannabis before but nothing like this!

After we were finished in the grow room I was allowed to see the Tilray medical cannabis facility vault.  If I was ever on the island for the “Big One – Earthquake” I would want to be at Tilray.  The vault is a level 9 vault, and you could not break in EVER.  The vault at the Tilray medical cannabis facility holds all of the cannabis once it is dried, and it doesn’t leave unless being tested, ot you order it.


Tilray Medical Cannabis Facility
Me in the vault….it’s large.


I knew the Tilray medical cannabis facility was going to be a large “grow op” but I wasn’t prepared for how professional and secure the facility was.  The facility is state of the art with patient focus being their #1 concern.  I have always been fascinated with Tilray as a company and as my producer, and to see the full scale operation was amazing.

I hope this has helped you to see what it’s like in a cannabis facility, and I hope you have found this interesting.  If you did please share on social media.

Ever wonder what happens after you place your order with Tilray medical cannabis facility??


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