Veterans Inspiration

The Wellness Soldier was created for veterans,

A large population of veterans are on multiple mood altering drugs for treatments of injuries/disorders and are not living the life that they want.  The “Pill for every Ill” method just does not work any more.  Too many veterans are getting severely hurt, constantly in a pill induced haze, or committing suicide.        then ever before they started taking the medication to help with their problems.

Does this sound like you or someone you know?

The Wellness Soldier was created to help you and let you know that eating whole foods, drinking the right amount of water, meditation, and by creating a small daily exercise routine you will help your body feel great from the inside out.  Some people do need the help of some medications and the “Take with Food” label on prescription medications means you have to eat real whole foods while on the medication to give the medicine a chance to work as intended.

Eating and drinking are the building blocks to life, all of life, and to deny your body the basic elements of the survival, will ultimately lead to your body fighting back and creating issues like;

  • Mental Health Decline
  • Gastro Problems,
  • Heart Attacks
  • Heart Disease
  • Severe Headaches,
  • Accelerated Aging,
  • and a multitude of other harsh symptoms.

Medicating with medical marijuana is ok, it has significantly better results when compared to pharmaceuticals for helping OSI and pain related injuries. It is all natural and the side effects are a lot less serious.

The knowledge I gained through becoming a chef, and with the help from my beautiful, clean eating learn-it-all wife Kaleena,  Chef Justin Scott, Trainer Joshua Styles, along with other meditation and industry professionals we want you to know that you do have live a life worth living.  Our team creates veterans inspiration through The Wellness Soldier, to show you that your ultimate key to happiness/healthiness comes from the naturals you put in your body.

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